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Santa Fe, NM: QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) is championing the use of regenerative medicine and biologic therapies to forestall the long-term effects of chronic pain. This chronic pain treatment and rehabilitation protocol also negates the need to undergo expensive surgery while encouraging patients to return to normal life within a shorter time frame. The medical team has the skills and experience to handle shoulder pain, pain due to arthritis, hip pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, and sports injuries. QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) is also delighted to have as many people as possible benefit from the treatment.

QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) favors natural regenerative medicine over conventional treatment for many reasons, including its benefits in healing, ability to improve function, and speeding the recovery process. Because the treatment team is keen to deliver quality patient care at all times, they are razor-focused on relieving incessant pain, restoring body functions, and improving the quality of life metrics.

QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) offers biologic therapies to patients aged 18 and above with qualified health conditions or ailments. The treatment is not recommended for persons with active cancer cases or those under radiation regimens or chemotherapy. Also prohibited are patients with kidney failure or under dialysis. Patients enlisted for regenerative treatments will be happy to know that the treatment does not have significant downtime. Full results of the treatment can be expected within a timeline of 6 to 9 months.

The number of sports injury patients visiting QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) is growing, thanks to the presence of experienced board-certified sports medicine physicians. Whether the athlete is suffering from tennis elbow, shoulder pain, knee pain, or torn meniscus, the physicians will target the specific point where the pain resides to achieve the desired results. Once addressed, athletes no longer have to worry about the knee brace and expensive procedures like knee or hip replacement surgery. Patients only need to schedule a no-obligation consultation with the Santa Fe regenerative medicine specialists to get started.

QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) focuses on getting the patients to enjoy life to the fullest as they did before pain struck. With that in mind, they commit to providing the highest quality of care and treating patients with respect. In a video testimonial, a patient with knee pain narrates how he recovered after suffering sports injuries while in high school. Recovery came about after completing the final of the four treatments. The clinic’s website has dozens of video testimonials from recovering or fully recovered chronic pain patients.

The regenerative medicine treatment team at QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) can be reached at (505) 226-8688. For in-person visitations, the clinic is located at 2945 Rodeo Park Dr E. Suite 5, Santa Fe, NM, 87505.

Company Name QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) Contact Name Scott Hoots Phone (505) 226-8688 Address 2945 Rodeo Park Dr E, Suite 5 City Santa Fe State NM Postal Code 87505 Country United States Website

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