12 Cable Kickback Alternatives For Building Bigger and Stronger Glutes

2022-09-17 01:56:36 By : Ms. Denise Chen

It doesn’t matter how hard your friendly neighborhood gym bro tries to convince you that he doesn’t care about glute training—the truth is, deep down inside, the biggest and baddest gym bros want muscular and shapely buttocks. 

Cable glute kickbacks are one of the most popular gluteal isolation exercises to build strength and muscle mass. Trainers, especially men, often overlook direct glute work in a conventional training program. However, this is a blunder as the glutes are the human body’s biggest and strongest muscle group. 

Not only do strong glutes improve your physical performance, but they also add to your physique’s aesthetics. While compound exercises might be an effective way to build the perfect rear, they aren’t the be-all-end-all of lower body training. 

Adding isolation exercises like the cable glute kickback and its alternatives to your training regimen can help zero in on your glutes and build a butt the Kardashians will envy. 

If you’re an athlete or lifter or want to improve your daily functioning, you should add the cable kickback or its alternatives to your training regimen. This article will explore the benefits, target muscles, and alternatives of cable glute kickbacks. 

Knowing the muscles trained using the cable glute kickback helps you focus on the target muscles during your set. Plus, it will help you pick better alternatives if you’re not in the mood for cable kickbacks or if the machine is taken. 

The target muscles in cable glute kickbacks include:

Although the cable glute kickback is an isolation exercise, many people leave gains on the table by following an incorrect form. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to perform the cable kickback:

Given below are a few tips to make the most of the exercise:

Add these 12 cable kickback alternatives to your training regimen for fuller and rounder glutes:

You should start your workout with body weight glute bridges if you have trouble establishing a mind-muscle connection while training glutes.

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The hip thrust is an advanced glute bridge variation and is one of the most popular gluteal exercises. It is incredibly effective in building explosive glute strength and a strong core and lower body.  

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Although mastering the good morning can take some practice, it delivers some of the nastiest glute and hamstring pumps if done correctly. 

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Step-ups for glutes are widely different from step-ups for quads. We’ll be tweaking this exercise to put more emphasis on the tush. 

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Donkey kick is a great exercise to isolate your glutes as it doesn’t allow you to use momentum. 

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If you have trouble maintaining constant tension on your glutes throughout an exercise, the cable pull-through is the exercise you need. 

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The resistance band kickback is an incredibly effective exercise to smoke your glutes and hamstrings.

Reverse hyperextension is one of the most underutilized glute exercises. 

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Fire hydrants, also called quadruped hip abductions, work the gluteus maximum and core. They help sculpt your glutes, improve back pain and balance, and lower your risk for injury while training.

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For the last three exercises, we’re going a little more conventional. Walking lunges are a great exercise to stimulate your glutes. 

The Romanian deadlift is a compound exercise that works your whole body with a focus on your posterior chain. 

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You shouldn’t be surprised to see the squat on a lower body exercise list. To target your glutes, you need to follow an ass-to-the-grass range of motion, meaning you need to squat as deep as possible.

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The cable kickback is an incredibly effective exercise for training your glutes for size and strength. However, if you do not have access to a cable pulley machine or want to add variety to your workout regimen, the 12 exercises listed in this article will help you build a bubble butt. 

Vidur is a writer and editor at FitnessVolt.com. He is passionate about all things strength sports and dedicated to sharing his hard-earned knowledge. An expert at giving unsolicited advice, his writings benefit the readers and infuriate the bros.

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